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Welcome to our website!

We are HRCOFFEE, an innovative HR Tech startup, a part of Exprivia SpA, and an IBM business partner. We offer a comprehensive customizable SaaS solution that incorporates Cognitive Intelligence and IBM Watson AI technology to address your business needs and drive your success.

Our Clients

25,000+ employees are already using the HRCOFFEE digital platform daily and enjoying its benefits! We are honored to work together with our clients to create unique, collaborative, inclusive, and engaging work environments!

Our Latest 2023 Highlights

·       Received the Innovation Award from the Italy-USA Foundation for developing and implementing an innovative digital solution that effectively addresses challenges faced by the HR industry.

·       Pioneered evidence-based discussion on People Analytics in Italy by organizing and carrying out the Digital HR event in IBM Studios, Milan.

·       Organized best practice knowledge exchange event on Agile Methodology, attracting decision makers and other highly qualified specialists from the public and private sectors operating in Italy.

People are the heart of any organization

Picture Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for employees by providing digital solutions to enhance the culture of collaboration, engagement, diversity, and inclusion within organizations, and helping forward-thinking companies that invest in people to succeed.

Picture Our Mission

Our Mission

We are committed to making a lasting positive impact on the world of work, assisting HR managers and other leaders in adopting innovation, and building people-centric strategies that bring benefits to both- employees and organizations.

Picture Our Values

Our Values

In our work, we place high importance not only on quality and productivity but also on the creation of a positive, engaging, and stimulating work environment. Our guiding principles are kindness, mutuality, inclusion, work-life balance, authenticity, safety, support, continuous learning, and freedom.


CEO & Founder

Maria Cesaria Giordano

CTO & Founder

Pasquale Davide de Palma

Software Development Manager & Founder

Dario Nuccetelli

Back-End & App Developer

Giuseppe Novielli

People Strategy Consultant

Ylenia Tattoli

Full-Stack Developer

Letizia Rizzi

People Analytics Specialist

Emanuele Sala


Adelvis Gomez

Full-Stack Web Developer

Giuseppe Todisco

Our business ecosystem is our guarantee of success. No outstanding results would be achieved without the support of a professional network that shares the same values.