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We are HRCOFFEE, a part of Exprivia SpA and an IBM business partner specializing in HR Tech innovation.

Established in 2018 in Molfetta, Italy, HRCOFFEE became a finalist of the World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC) at the University of California, Berkeley, and was recognized as «one of the best global startups».

Today, the HRCOFFEE SaaS solution is used by well-established companies operating across borders including ID Logistics Spain, Exprivia SpA, Lundbeck Italia SpA, IEEE, and Barilla SpA.

Everything we do is based on the fundamental idea that people are the heart of any organization. Employees are not just “numbers” but active actors in the organizational value-creation process.

We firmly believe that when people are in a state of well-being at work, they can build positive relationships with others, realize their potential, develop creativity, and make meaningful contributions. Thus, we advocate the importance of the Social aspect of ESG including professional development, employee welfare, diversity, and inclusion.

In 2022 HRCOFFEE was awarded the Family Audit accreditation for the high standard of employee well-being policies and practices.

Picture Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for employees by providing digital solutions to enhance the culture of collaboration, engagement, diversity, and inclusion within organizations, and helping forward-thinking companies that invest in people to succeed.

Picture Our Mission

Our Mission

We are committed to making a lasting positive impact on the world of work, assisting HR managers and other leaders in adopting innovation, and building people-centric strategies that bring benefits to both- employees and organizations.

Picture Our Values

Our Values

In our work, we place high importance not only on quality and productivity but also on the creation of a positive, engaging, and stimulating work environment. Our guiding principles are kindness, mutuality, inclusion, work-life balance, authenticity, safety, support, continuous learning, and freedom.

HRCOFFEE advocates for Distributed, Relational, and Inspirational Leadership.


All employees can express their opinions and share their knowledge and ideas. The social structure is equal, it is the "knowledge and competence" that is manifested through leadership and not bound to the assigned role.


Working together towards a common goal should be guided by principles of ethics and inclusion. The dissemination of knowledge, based on the provision of opportunities to get involved, helps to include also "gatekeepers”, experts in a given sector who have control over processes and can convey valuable information to other colleagues.


Once the process of distributing knowledge is established within the organization, senior team members have the opportunity to manage it by assuming the role of mentors and role models of their team, since they have a high level of competence and a deep knowledge of the relational and professional dynamics of their personnel.

Our Business Ecosystem

Our business ecosystem is our guarantee of success. No outstanding results would be achieved without the support of a professional network that shares the same values.