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Business Cases

Discover how our clients benefit from using the HRCOFFEE SaaS product and consulting services!

Our product encompasses three modules: Social HR, Traditional HR, and People Analytics (based on Cognitive Intelligence Algorithms developed by HRCOFFEE and the IBM Watson AI tool).

It is developed for companies that want to enhance the culture of collaboration, diversity, and inclusion present within the organization and further strengthen their internal daily practices and processes with a positive impact on people's well-being and strategic decision-making.

HRCOFFEE SaaS solution has been adopted and is used successfully across industries by well-established companies including Lundbeck Italia SpA, ID Logistics Spain, Exprivia SpA, IEEE, and Barilla SpA.

We support our clients not only by customizing the product based on their requirements but also by providing consulting services to support decision-makers including Human Resource leaders in the design of projects focused on resolving specific business issues, as well as introducing and executing welfare policies through using the web platform and/or mobile app we offer.

In this section, we present 3 selected business cases of our clients operating across borders:

1) Barilla SpA (8,700+ employees), the world’s largest pasta producer.

2) ID Logistics Spain (5,000+ employees), a part of the international contract logistics group.

3) Lundbeck Italia SpA (150+ employees), a part of a Danish international pharmaceutical company.

We are grateful to our customers for their trust in the HRCOFFEE SaaS product and consulting services!

Client: Barilla

Key Request: Preservation and Dissemination of Organizational Knowledge

Business Case

While going through a phase of organizational change, Barilla considers as a top priority to preserve and disseminate organizational knowledge. It is especially important in the context of the generational transition experienced by the company. Therefore, Barilla sets an objective firstly to map the technical skills of employees working in the Research and Development Department. That is when Barilla turns to HRCOFFEE.

HRCOFFEE working with Barilla

HRCOFFEE platform includes the Social HR module offering an FAQ area as well as a Wiki section through which employees can share knowledge and best practices with other colleagues. The module also encompasses the Talks area, where experts from the company and outside of it, share insights on important business matters. Thus, the digital space is created for people to make valuable contributions, showcase their competencies and learn from others.

Furthermore, under the People Analytics section, HRCOFFEE develops “We Pilot” solution (for phone and PC) tailored to Barilla’s business needs, based on the identified areas of action: Knowledge, Collaboration, and Training. “We Pilot” represents a toll that maps out valuable data points from the Social HR module. The data are interpreted with the support of the HRCOFFEE team, which provides continuous support to the customer.

Through adopting the HRCOFFEE platform, Barilla has implemented a new method of preservation and dissemination of organizational knowledge, strengthened relationships between employees by establishing new ways of collaboration, and offered a dimension of professional and personal growth through peer-to-peer training.

All these valuable outcomes were enabled by a People Analysis system that mapped out the level of relevant skill sets and identified the gaps to be filled.

As a result, HR managers now can:

• Preserve and disseminate organizational knowledge

• Establish a robust peer-to-peer training system

• Recognize people for their contributions

• Identify skill sets present within the organization

• Design professional growth paths for employees

• Map the competence level and predict the growth

• Build a network for knowledge exchange

• Make well-informed business decisions

Client: ID Logistics Spain

Key Request: Enhancing awareness of the company’s talents and creating tailor-made growth paths for them

Business Case

ID Logistics Spain sets an objective to establish a system with 4 related areas aimed at conducting comprehensive performance evaluations and salary reviews, awarding bonuses, analyzing data, all using a single platform. The company's goal is to digitize and optimize the entire process.

HRCOFFEE working with ID Logistics Spain

HRCOFFEE offers the client a single platform, managed directly by HR staff, for managing the performance, salary review, and bonuses of the employees. Together with the company, we have digitized and optimized the entire process. In addition, all data have been mapped and made visible to ID Logistics professionals who are granted access in line with the company's regulatory requirements.

Using its People Analytics tool based on Cognitive Intelligence Algorithms and the IBM Watson AI technology, HRCOFFEE created an area dedicated to analyzing data coming from the three interconnected processes. The results are therefore stored in one place and can be visible to assigned people.

How ID Logistics Spain uses the platform

• Creation and management of evaluation, salary review, and bonus processes (by Human Resource Managers).

• Evaluation of the team members’ performance (by Managers).

• Monitoring of performance, salary review, and bonus (by the HR Business Partner specialist).

• Identification of percentages for the purposes of salary review and employee bonuses (by Managers, Unit Director, and General Manager).

• Access to People Analytics (by Managers, Unit Director, and General Manager).

• Visualisation of the performance scoreboard, salary review letter, and bonuses (available to each employee).

As a result, HR managers now can:

• Conduct a comprehensive employee performance evaluation digitally

• Instantaneously see the performance evaluation results for each employee

• Identify ways to help employees to improve their skills

• Have all the data stored in one secure digital space

• Efficiently perform salary reviews with ease

• Make well-informed strategic decisions

Client: Lundbeck Italia

Key Request: Strengthening people-centric organizational culture

Business Case

Lundbeck sets an objective to strengthen its “putting people first” approach and seeks a digital solution that will enable its employees to celebrate professional achievements together, keep a strong connection with the organizational values, and support a high level of competence in the context of a digital and friendly environment. So, Lundbeck turns to HRCOFFEE.

HRCOFFEE working with Lundbeck Italia

HRCOFFEE offers an application for Lundbeck called "Lundbeck People". The application focuses on three fundamental areas identified together with the client: Inclusion, Communication, and Growth.

Through adopting the HRCOFFEE solution, Lundbeck provides its people a digital space where employees can learn, stay in touch with the company updates and receive recognition for their professional achievements as well as an opportunity to celebrate together important moments of their lives.

Behind "Lundbeck People" there is a thorough analysis and consultancy work that HRCOFFEE carried out so that the final product is an accurate reflection of the company’s vision, mission, and values. Through an automated system, “Lundbeck People” enables each employee to receive a personalized message to celebrate significant events in their lives including birthdays, awards, and promotions.

Lundbeck enhances a strong positive rapport with its employees by showing genuine attention and care. The organizational values are reinforced through a system of dissemination of company news and information about events and courses included in the designed solution. These features make it possible to keep all team members informed and put them at the center of every organizational activity.

In addition, “Lundbeck People” has a skills assessment area that allows all employees to carry out self-assessment and compare it with performance evaluation made by others, thus analyzing the gap between expected value, self-assessment, and feedback from the manager.

As a result, HR managers now can:

• Use a digital space that enhances people-centered organizational culture

• Strengthen employee recognition and welfare

• Increase employee engagement and collaboration

• Reduce turnover and improve talent retention

• Ensure consistent communication

• Improve reskilling and upskilling processes

• Conduct detailed performance evaluations more efficiently

• Implement evidence-based people strategies