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HRCOFFEE offers a unique, comprehensive, flexible, and customizable HR SaaS solution (for PC and phone) that comprises three modules: Social HR, Traditional HR, and People Analytics which is based on Cognitive Intelligence Algorithms developed by HRCOFFEE and the IBM Watson AI tool.

We also provide strategic consulting to help HR leaders in the process of adoption and usage of the platform within organizations.

Thanks to choosing the HRCOFFEE product, our customers have been able to:

• Reduce staff turnover by improving employee engagement and collaboration

• Preserve and disseminate organizational knowledge

• Enhance employee well-being

• Instantly provide training to all team members

• Easily create and deliver onboarding programs for new starters

• Conduct salary reviews quickly and efficiently

• Conduct and facilitate the reporting of the social aspect of ESG

• Reduce the time employees spend on HR administrative tasks and increase the time needed to deliver strategic projects

• Discover hidden talents present within the organization

• Conduct structured performance reviews

• Create a graphical representation of critical HR data

• Identify employee skills and competencies and provide learning opportunities

• Predict and make well-informed strategic decisions

And more! If you would like to learn more about the real business cases, please, visit our Clients section.

People Analytics

The People Analytics module is an important component of the HRCOFFEE digital platform. It is based on Cognitive Intelligence Algorithms developed by HRCOFFEE and the IBM Watson AI tool.

The module allows leaders to discover valuable insights and make accurate forecasts, informing the decision-making and overall business strategy.

Thanks to this module, HR managers can perform a wide range of activities. For example, they can discover the competency level of each employee, perform the Gap Analysis to detect the difference between the expected and current result for each member of the team and each team, perform salary reviews based on the data analysis, create a Digital Twin to predict the results of a project in a specific time frame, and graphically visualize professional growth trends and networks present in the organization.

Through the Social HR module of the platform, employees are provided space to connect with colleagues, share knowledge and showcase their skills and competencies. They are able to stay up-to-date with the company news and celebrate professional achievements together. Companies, in their turn, have the possibility to discover hidden talents present within the organization and enhance the culture of inclusion, equality, and collaboration.

The Traditional HR area of the HRCOFEE digital platform helps to facilitate administrative processes and create professional growth paths for employees. By using this module, HR professionals can easily manage all daily activities including processing requests for holidays and time off, payslips, and efficiently perform other duties.